• Arduino Reed Switch

    A while back I was working on a garage controller and I wanted to know when the door was open or closed. I noticed a magnetic reed switch on my window and thought aha! That’s how you do it. So I popped it off my window and prototyped this little circuit.

  • Everyday

    Do you have a little project that’s never really “made it”. If you’re like me, you may have a lot of little projects that don’t go anywhere. Do you ever think “Why haven’t MY ideas made it?” Do you work on it everyday? I sure don’t, and in fact I find it to be very difficult. I work hard on things, but those things tend to change quite frequently. When I sit back and think about my life I notice that there isn’t one thing that I have consistently worked on. Software development is probably the closest thing that I have worked on consistently for the last 20 years. But everyday? …no way!

  • Bits and Atoms

    The tools we have available to us today are simply amazing! I’ve been writing software since I was a kid. Back in the 80s it was a combination of writing software and building hardware. Then the hardware sort of disappeared. The internet came, then the cloud, and the digital bits were all that really mattered.

  • Seth Godin

    I think Seth Godin is my favorite author. I share a lot of his views on what he often calls industrial systems, and I find his message to be motivating, clear, and actionable. I recently listened to an interview with him by Tim Ferriss and thought I’d share some of my favorite Seth Godin links.

  • Plant-Based Marathon

    I ran my first marathon on January 17th and it was another plant powered success. I’ve been completely plant based for 353 days now, and have accepted that this is the way my body was made to eat. I don’t want to bore you with a race recap, but I do want to point out that I completed it in 3:22:58, which was better than my stretch goal of 3:30:00. I was very proud of my effort.

  • Plant-Based Triathlon

    Sunday I completed a half Ironman triathlon. The half is made up of a 1.2 mile swim, followed by a 56 mile bike, and topped off with a 13.1 mile run. It tends to be a 5 to 7 hour event where people of all ages push themselves to their limit. This was my second 70.3. What made this one special was that I did it entirely on a plant based diet and I beat my time by 4 minutes ! I thought about writing a recap of the race, but instead of boring you with the race details, I’ve decided to outline my nutrition plan.

  • Productivity Resources

    Recently someone asked me how I stay on track when working from home. Honestly, I struggle like everyone else, so it got me thinking…How do I stay on track?

  • Failure is Learning

    I wanted to give a recap of my attempt at 300 miles in 30 days, and by the numbers, it was an epic fail. I failed in the second week and was only able to run a total of 154 miles in September. The thing is, I like to set big goals, and therefore I’m bound to miss some of them along the way. I think that missing goals can be more valuable that achieving them. I have found that when I miss my goal I usually discover something new about myself. I’m not saying that achieving goals is bad, it’s actually fantastic, but I tend to learn more when I fail.

  • Shame

    It’s rare that you get to hear someone open up about something that really causes them pain. Not external pain, but the kind of pain that we try to hide, the internal pain, the flashes of memories that haunt us when we are all alone, when we are weak. Shame usually rears its ugly head when we are struggling with confidence. Struggling with and even questioning who we are.

  • 300 Miles in 30 Days

    September has always been a blah month for me. Other than the kids getting back in the groove of school, it usually passes by without much thought. This year I’ve decided to spice it up a little bit. I’m attempting to run 300 miles in 30 days.

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