Hello :) I created this site to inspire you to do more, consume less, and live a life of adventure. Take a look around and remember: Be creative, serve others, have fun, and make great things!

If you’re interested in what I do for my day job, you can find all that stuff under the Work link. If you’re interested in the things that I’m passionate about outside of work, then checkout my Blog. I’d love to hear from you, feel free to tweet/email me if you want to chat.


I run. I read. I code. I spend my mornings, evenings and weekends playing with my family. We constantly bounce between gyms, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, and pools. It’s fun, and busy, and I love it.

I’ve found that I’m happiest when I live by a few simple rules. If you want to know what makes me tick, here they are:

Rules to Live By

  • Push yourself physically everyday
  • Compete
  • Document the highlights of your life
  • Share adventures with your friends
  • Tell good stories
  • Run a tight ship
  • Have some rough edges.
  • Don’t care what others think of you, stay centered and solid.
  • Keep your word.