Do you commute to work? How long is your commute? I’m a pretty lucky person. I commute into an office only one day a week. Today my commute was over an hour long. It’s about 40 miles, and it’s jam packed with cars. 40 miles of pavement packed with cars chugging away on gasoline, filled with overweight people chugging away on coffee.

Surprisingly when I commuted everyday it only slightly bothered me. I found productive ways to fill the 10 hours that I spent in the car each week. Audible was my best friend. I think it distracted me from what was really going on.

Now I when I commute I feel like an outsider. It’s apparent to me that we weren’t designed to drive an hour to work, put in 9+ hours, drive an hour home, eat, watch tv, pound a few beers, and go to sleep.

Have you ever thought about it? Does it bother you when you stare at miles of concrete and break lights? Of course it does! Inside you can feel it. I believe that inside each of us is something great and it’s waiting to be unlocked. We are filled with instincts, thoughts, passion, ideas, love, etc. We are filled with greatness, yet each day most of us sell ourselves short.

So how did we get this way? We live in a society filled with stimulus, filled with “things”, filled with the promise of great riches and fame, happiness, and freedom. We may tell ourselves that we are pursuing the American Dream, but in reality we are distracted. We are so integrated with the digital world that we have lost touch with the real world and with our soul.

Are you in charge of your life? What if you were free to do what you wanted to do each and every day. What would you do? What would you stop doing? Do you see yourself spending your waking hours indoors, or would you be out exploring the world?

Guess what, you are free to do what you want each and every day. Every day you make choices. Most likely you choose to do things so that you can achieve “success” in the business world or in your social standings. Your current situation is created by the choices you make everyday.

It’s all about choices, and that’s great because it means that you can change your situation by simply changing the choices that you make. So I ask again, are you in charge of your life, or is someone or something else distracting from reality? Are you slave to a master that doesn’t care about you? Are you driving hours for you, or are you doing it for something else? It’s okay either way, but just remember that it’s your choice.

from my journal on September 17, 2014