Do you have a little project that’s never really “made it”. If you’re like me, you may have a lot of little projects that don’t go anywhere. Do you ever think “Why haven’t MY ideas made it?” Do you work on it everyday? I sure don’t, and in fact I find it to be very difficult. I work hard on things, but those things tend to change quite frequently. When I sit back and think about my life I notice that there isn’t one thing that I have consistently worked on. Software development is probably the closest thing that I have worked on consistently for the last 20 years. But everyday? …no way!

As I study the people who I admire, this daily work theme keeps popping up.

Why is working on something every day so hard?

It’s not because we haven’t found our calling, or we haven’t found something that excites us. In my life, those things are moving targets. The people who excel, seem to have one thing in common. They show up everyday. The go to work despite how they feel about it today. I don’t doubt that the passion is there, but I’m almost certain that the passion isn’t there every day.

I was listening to an interview with Will Smith the other day, and he said something along the lines of: It doesn’t matter what it is, just pick something, and relentlessly pursue it.

The lack of discipline is why we don’t achieve our weight loss goals, or our career goals, or our financial goals, or whatever. Eventually, we get tired or distracted and then decided that “I’m not interested in this anymore.” That’s precisely when we need discipline. Just Do It! right?

Relentlessly Working on “the project” is what is important. It will change, it will fail, it will grow, it will shrink, and over time it will get better and better. It may not end up the way you intended, but who cares, consistency is what begets success. If you want to be successful, pick an idea, project, habit, etc, and work on it everyday.