It’s been 52 days since I started my 90 Day Plant Power challenge so I thought I’d give you an update.

So far it has been FANTASTIC! Seriously, I thought this would be much harder than it actually is. I’m honestly struggling to find anything that I don’t like about it. I miss coffee, but that’s about it. What I’ve found is that people are genuinely interested in what I’m up to and how I feel. They always wonder where I get my protein, and my stock answer is “beans and nuts, but did you know that vegetables have proteins too?”

My eating habits seem to pique people’s interest at dinner parties. I’m sure most of them think I’m crazy, but what I’ve noticed is that my change seems to have an impact on the people around me. They are modestly interested at first, but then as I keep running into them over time I get asked about my meals and my smoothies. What do I snack on? What do I drink? etc. It’s pretty fun, and it has made me dig more into plant based nutrition so that I can answer all the questions. I’m learning, and that makes me happy.

By far my favorite benefit is that I seem to recover from workouts much faster than I used to. I use to run 3 or 4 times a week. Now I run everyday. That’s right, every single day. I may take a day off every once and a while, but I don’t find that I really need to. I’m running between 40 and 50 miles a week, and I feel great.

The second thing I’ve noticed is a change in the quality of sleep that I get each night. I fall asleep quickly, and sleep soundly all night. Some nights I get 5 hours of sleep and sometimes I get 8 hours, but regardless of how long I sleep, I typically wake up feeling fresh and ready to start my day.

Another interesting finding is that my chronically runny nose has completely cleared up. That’s right, I can actually breath through my nose when I run. I’m not exactly sure why, but I think that I might have a slight allergy to dairy.

I’ve started to lose weight too. I’m down about 10 pounds, but I’ve dropped 2.5% of my body fat. It didn’t come off right away, but over the last 2-3 weeks it’s really started to fall off. I didn’t do this to lose weight, but I’m happy with the slow and steady results.

So in summary, I feel better than I have in a long time. I sleep soundly, I exercise more than I thought was humanly possible, I have loads of energy, I’m down to a weight that I haven’t seen since my Sophomore year of high school (22 years ago), and I’m having a positive impact on the people that I love. The question I keep asking myself now is, will the 90 day challenge ever end?