Recently someone asked me how I stay on track when working from home. Honestly, I struggle like everyone else, so it got me thinking…How do I stay on track?

When I was 25, I was introduced to the Franklin Covey system. That kicked off a passion for productivity tools and self improvement. For over 10 years, I relentlessly searched for a system that could help me do more each day. Over the years I have tweaked and tried many systems, but I keep coming back to a few tools.

The Pomodoro Technique:

When I struggle with starting and staying focused on a task, pomodoro’s have always helped.

Getting Things Done:

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of things that are coming your way, David Alan’s classic book on productivity is very helpful. It’s a little dry, but his ideas on capturing and organizing your projects and todo’s has really helped me.

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Zen To Done:

If you like simplicity, this is it. It’s short, and a little repetitive, but I love his idea of Most Important Tasks.

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The Bullet Journal:

I used to struggle with keeping track of all the things that I worked on throughout the day. For billing purposes, this was a problem. I used digital todo lists, but I found that I would waste time organizing my todo list instead of actually doing the things on my list. I always liked writing things down, but I found it hard to find the things that were important in my notebooks. The bullet journal helped me get organized on paper.

I use ideas from all of these resources as building blocks for how I manage my time. I tweak things every now and then, but generally use these techniques to organize my life. Hope this helps.