September has always been a blah month for me. Other than the kids getting back in the groove of school, it usually passes by without much thought. This year I’ve decided to spice it up a little bit. I’m attempting to run 300 miles in 30 days.

This idea popped into my head when we were thinking about our September goals at work. I offered up “run 300 miles” as a joke to the team and something about it stuck with me. That was Tuesday, September 1st.

I was sort of on track already. On September 1st I ran 7 miles. So this morning I laced up my shoes and headed out to catch up. I had to cut it a little short, but I squeezed in another run at lunch.

I don’t intend to run 10 miles a every day; my plan is to increase the length of my long runs so that I can squeeze in a rest day every once in a while. I’ve been wanting to log some longer runs but haven’t had the motivation to do it. This challenge should be just what I need to get me going.

So after 2 days of September I’ve run 19.2 miles. I’ll make up the .8 tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!